Luis Segundo Correas


The Correas family moved from Spain to Mendoza at the end of the 16th Century. Since that time, members of the family have actively participated in the economical, political, and social life of the province. One of the family members was even the governor of Mendoza three times, making important developments for the province. Their descendents planted the first noble grape of French origin in 1860, laying the foundations of a now 150-year-old winery run by 4 generations of the Correas family. 

The family follows the Argentinian tradition of winemaking on 400 hectares of vineyards, some of which are 70 to 85 years old. All the vineyards are in “The First Zone” where the first Spanish immigrants arrived in Mendoza, and where the soil and weather are unique to viticulture. The vineyards have no artificial drop irrigation and are watered entirely by snow melting from the nearby Andes mountains. The surrounding gardens and landscaping were originally designed by the legendary French landscape designer, Thays,  making the winery truly unique in its beauty and traditional wine-making methods.

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