Patagonia Imports Ltd. is a liquor agent and distributor actively marketing in the Canadian Government Sector, the Private Sector and Restaurants, facilitating the sales, brand building, and managing the importation and domestic distribution of wine and premium spirits from family-owned and prestigious wineries.


1 - Wineries

  • We are brand builders with years of experience and endless knowledge.
  • We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and every aspect of our business.
  • Excellent sales team
  • Great educator
  • We provide: Brand management, strategic planning, business intelligence, market and channeling expertise, data planning and forecasting, direct to consumer access, logistics and inventory management

2 - Retailers

  • We provide outstanding wines and unsurpassed service to deliver premium value
  • We value our customers and aspire to encourage their development by providing the best available products in the market.
  • We educate and offer staff training. 
  • We are passionate about seeing sales rise within our retailers.

3- Consumer

  • We strive to provide consumers with products that they desire.

  • We offer excellent quality and prices in wine and spirits.

  • We provide access to our premium and reserve lists.

  • We are constantly searching for extraordinary vintages.

4 - For Restauranteurs

  • We design wine lists using our inhouse graphic designers and highly educated sommeliers.

  • We offer staff training, consumer sampling and promotional support.